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If you're only looking for a flat easy bike ride with the family or your into extreme mountain biking, Lake George has bike trails you'll love.

Paved Bike Trail....

A paved bike trail starts in Lake George Village at Battlefield park and travels southward along what was once a centuries old military road and later a plank toll road. This well maintained bike path is also excellent for rollerblading or just a nice walk. The section of the bike path bordered by Rt. 9 on the north and Rt. 149 on the south is steeped in history. You will pass by the location of Bloody Pond the plaque of which reads:

"Here Sept. 8, 1755 -Battle of Lake George- the Colonial forces under Lieut. Col. Cole checked the hitherto successful advance of Baron Dieskau and his allies, changing the British rout into ultimate victory. Here likewise on the evening of the same day, Capt. McGinnis assisted by Capt. Folsom with 200 New York and New Hampshire men, fell upon 300 Canadians and Indians encamped near the pond for the night. After a desperate struggle the French force was almost annihilated. Over 200 bodies rolled into the pool stained the water red and gave it its name. In this conflict Rogers, the famous Ranger made his debut as a soldier. Near this spot Oct. 11, 1780 Major Christopher Carleton and his band of Regulars, Tories and Indians, defeated with great loss, Captain John Sill and an American detachment from Fort George forcing the surrender of that station."

The trail continues southward through the forest along what was once a foot path during the French and Indian War and passes a picnic area and then the Colonel Williams Monument that marks the site of his death. The Warren County bike trail runs from Lake George Village to Glens Falls a distance of 12 miles. For more information call 1-800-95-VISIT ext. 143. On Line Map.

Mountain Bike Trails....

The Lake George area offers plenty of opportunities for mountain bike riders to test their skills. There are trails suited for all skill levels from novice to expert and the terrain and the views are extraordinary. Here are some of the most popular rides.

Shelving Rock Trail - You should be fit for this ride. Very hilly, single track trails, dirt roads, old carriage roads and is rated for intermediate to advanced riders. You will find great views, swimming and picnicking spots and many miles of designated trails to explore. This area is also used by hikers and horseback riders.

How to find it: From the intersection of Rts. 9L and 149, travel east on 149 toward Ft. Ann 1.5 miles to Buttermilk Falls Rd (Look for the Black Rooster on left) take left and travel about 11 miles to Hog Town parking lot. For more detailed information try this link Shelving Rock.

Prospect Mountain, Tongue Mountain and Northwest Bay also offer Mountain Bike Rides.


Interesting Facts about Lake George

Adirondack was originally a term the Iroquois used to refer to the Algonquins who were forced to live on tree buds and bark during the severe winters. It means "Bark Eaters".


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